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Why are all of my orders receiving an "unknown error"?

If you see the following:

Note: The cart encountered an unknown error while processing this order through your payment gateway. Please verify that funds have been processed. If they have not been processed then you will need to process them yourself.

then your gateway failed to respond properly.

If you receive this error on occasion, this is normal. The cart cannot always connect to your payment gateway. The gateway may be down, or the cart may simply not be able to open a connection to their systems. If this happens then simply check your gateway for the order and manually bill the customer if needed.

If you always receive this error there are a couple of things to check to correct this problem:
  1. Confirm that the information in Cart Settings, step #4 ("Payment/Gateway Settings") is correct.
  2. Contact technical support for your gateway to verify that the settings for direct cart connections are configured to their normal default settings.
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